Valentine's Day Gifts + Date Ideas

Valentine's Day Gifts + Date Ideas

Happy February Buffs! If you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a loved one or your friends this year, it may look a bit different than usual. It can be hard to get creative with date night ideas at home, especially when you want to make this day extra special. We are here to help you out! Below you’ll find creative and enjoyable date night ideas to spend with a few friends or a loved one. We’ve also got the perfect pair of plugs, tunnels and/or hangers to wear or gift on the big day. Mix and match any of these gifts and date ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day in 2021           

1) Spicy Margs + Mexican Food Date Night

Our brass tunnels with garnet are SPICY! Make your loved one feel confident and sexy this Valentine’s day. What’s a good date night idea to pair with this gift? Nothing short of spicy. Get some jalapeños for spicy margs, blast your favorite songs, and have a dance party in the kitchen while making tacos. Tacos & margs + the person you love? Sign us up.  


Shop: Brass Tunnels with Garnet

2) Cozy Night in with Takeout + Games

Throw on some pjs, and enjoy a cozy night in with your loved one. Order takeout from their favorite place, make some delicious cocktails, set up a board game championship and laugh the night away. What better way to spend this Valentine’s Day than quality time with just the two of you? Of course, this date night would also work great with your friends! These plugs are the perfect gift option to accompany a game night, because they are cool and comfortable. Our black rose plugs are an edgy accessory that can be worn at all times. They match everything!! The marble glass plugs are the perfect, at home accessory for Valentine’s day with their alluring red swirls. You just CANNOT go wrong with this date night idea + gift combination.  


3) Delicious & Aesthetic Sushi Dinner + Fun Beers

Did someone say take out sushi and fun beers?! Sushi is always garnished so beautifully and will make for an aesthetic Valentine’s Day dinner with your loved one. Phone eats first right?! Try out a new beer and go to town on as many sushi rolls as you can eat! Pair your beautiful sushi dinner with a vase of their favorite flowers and have these flower brass weights in a box next to them. A stunning and special Valentine’s day gift. These hangers are an Arctic Buffalo favorite with their gorgeous charm and popularity on our site. Even after Valentine’s day is over, these hangers will be a reminder of that memorable quarantine Valentine’s Day in 2021.  


Shop: Five Point Flower Brass Ear Weights Hangers

4) Pasta Dish Date Night + Wine & Flowers

Red roses and Italian food? That’s a yes from us. Get all the ingredients to make your favorite Italian dish from scratch. What else will you need? A bottle of your loved one’s favorite red wine of course! Spend quality time taking on the recipe together or impress by preparing a homemade dish for them! Pour up two glasses of that wine, put your phones away for the evening and enjoy each other’s company in the kitchen. While at dinner, surprise them with these stunning, gold wrapped tunnels and red rose plugs. Two amazing accessory options they will be reaching for long after Valentine’s Day.  


Shop: Red Rose Plugs

Shop: Gold Wrapped Spiral Tunnels (coming soon)

5) Fancy Date Night with Seafood + Steaks + Cocktails

These brass hangers with copper orb are begging you to get fancy with your quarantine date night. We’re thinking seafood and steaks. After all, Valentine’s day only happens once a year, so go big or go home! Your special person will love these hangers, and they will love that YOU picked them out even more. Showing your partner appreciation and love is what Valentine’s Day is all about. Dress up in your best outfits and cook a fancy dinner with you partner. Set the mood by lighting some candles, making some cocktails, or sipping on your favorite wine while having a romantic dinner together. After dinner, it’s back into your pjs to spend the rest of your night playing cards or watching movies. These hangers are relatively lightweight, so your valentine won’t have to worry about taking them out after dinner! 


Shop: Brass Hangers with Copper Orb

We hope this date night guide sparked some creativity for a perfectly fitting Valentine's Day in 2021. Having trouble picking out exactly what they want? When in card it out. Shop our e-gift cards here!

Wanna help your fellow buffs out? Drop a date night idea in the comments below :)

February 03, 2021 — Amanda Pyle
Top 5 Products of 2020

Top 5 Products of 2020

As 2020 comes to a close and we head into 2021 with a fresh start, let’s take a minute for a 2020 recap with Arctic Buffalo. We want to share with you the top five products of 2020. Step up your jewelry game in 2021, and make it the year you achieve your dream size while wearing the hottest products on the market...and here they are.

Black Thick Silicone Tunnels

First up we have our black thick silicone tunnels. Our black silicone tunnels were worn on the mountains, on walks with the dog, on zoom calls and next to loved ones on the couch in 2020. They made their mark this year, and we are excited to see where you take them in 2021! These silicone tunnels are the perfect basic accessory for your collection. The thick flare makes this silicone set simple and comfortable yet bold and eye catching. We go crazy over the comfort of this pair. We never want to take them out!  Let’s see what some of our customers have had to say about this best seller.  

Matte Black Thin Silicone Tunnels

Next up, we have our matte black thin silicone tunnels!! These were a newcomer in 2020, and you guys LOVED them, making them a best seller on our site in less than six months! We needed a lot of comfort in 2020, and these were our go-to! These tunnels were hot hot hot in 2020 because of the matte color and comfort. We see them making a big appearance in 2021 as well! Here’s what some of you had to say about this matte favorite:

Onyx Plugs

Our staple Onyx Plugs were loved in 2020 because of their subtle yet glossy appearance that added FASHION to our stay-at-home-fits. Y'all raved about the weight and comfort of these plugs... and we're in complete agreement!! These. Are. Awesome. See what all the hype's about, get a pair for yourself and watch this onyx set put a smile on your face (and your wallet) in 2021! What's better than that!? Here is what some had to say about our onyx plugs this year: 

Onyx Tunnels

These onyx tunnels were EVERYTHING and more in 2020...and they won't be going anywhere in 2021. These are a staple accessory and we love them for their comfort and the sleek look of the onyx. From the grocery store to webcam gatherings, these added a little bit of luxury to 2020. Look good, feel good, and these tunnels did just that.

Black Screw Back Stainless Steel Tunnels

Lastly, arguably our hottest product of the year, our black screw back tunnels. It's hard to find a more reliable, staple accessory than these babies. Gorgeous AND lightweight?! Yup, sign us up. Unfortunately these will not be sticking around in 2021. But don't worry...another great pair of tunnels will be taking their place. Get them before they're gone, and be on the look out for our non-screw double flare coming in 2021!

As you can see, basic black accessories will never go out of style. We hope you enjoyed diving into what we were raving over in 2020 and will continue to love in 2021. Arctic Buffalo is not going anywhere, and we are excited to see ya'll rock our jewelry all across the world in 2021. The start of a new year is the best time to set some goals, and we are here to help YOU with the stretching ones!! Happy New Year!! Be on the look out for our next blog with the top products to look forward to in 2021!

January 08, 2021 — Amanda Pyle
Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas

The Holidays are right around the corner! You might be stressed about getting all the presents you need in time. We’re here to help you out with some gift ideas! Who doesn’t love getting jewelry for Christmas? No matter what color or design, you can’t go wrong gifting high quality, stretched piercing accessories from Arctic Buffalo.  

Silicone Tunnels + White Brass Hangers with Blue Opal Center

Grab a pair of silicone tunnels in their favorite color for a comfortable accessory that can be worn day in and day out. Arctic Buffalo’s silicone accessories are known for the comfort they provide while being strong enough to maintain their proper, beautiful shape. Silicone is great when done right.
What could you pair these with you may ask? Lets get both ends of the spectrum. Silicone tunnels are affordable and great for a cozy night in, but let’s dress this gift up a bit with hangers. The white brass hangers with blue opal center would make a great pairing option and add a pop of blue to whatever color silicone tunnels you choose. They can loop these hangers through their silicone tunnels or wear them alone in their ears. Either way, these hangers will give your special person a boost of confidence. Look good, feel good! Safe to say you cannot go wrong with this gift combination! 

Stainless Steel Starter Kit 

If they have just started their ear stretching journey or won't stop vocally considering going up a few millimeters, show your support by surprising them with one of our stretching kits. We currently carry 3 kits, from beginner sizing to 5/8". These kits, made of stainless steel single flare plugs, will guide them to their desired size.  Safety always comes first with Arctic Buffalo, and that's why we include stretching balm within the kits to ensure ears are keeping clean and hydrated. Whoever you give this to will feel very loved and supported, and you will feel happy that you got to contribute such a helpful tool to their journey! 

Wood Accessory + Daily Conditioning Oil  

Our wood accessories are natural and beautiful. Wood is neutrally-toned, making it a staple set that can be worn anywhere. We carry wood jewelry in plugs, tunnels, and even hangers. We also have a wide variety of wood sources, so you are sure to find a gorgeous pair that suites your special person. We even have pairs that are mixed with other materials such as brass or shell for an added touch. Wood needs to be cared for in order to maintain its beauty and hydration. This allows for a perfect gift opportunity! Gift wood accessories with our Daily Conditioning Oil for a harmonious pair of presents.  

Rose Quartz Plugs + Stretching Balm + Plug Protector 

Help keep the jewelry you gift looking good as new by adding a suede plug protector bag. Plugs and tunnels fit great in these Arctic Buffalo plug bags, and we carry two different sizes for those with larger jewelry. The rose quartz plugs (pictured) are hands down one of our best sellers and would be great to gift inside of this plug bag! They are the perfect basic accessory with a sleek yet simple look. We have one additional item that will take this 3-part gift to the next level. Include our stretching balm to really impress your special someone, and help keep their ears healthy and hydrated. Not to mention, the balm is made entirely from natural ingredients. Who doesn’t love that? 

Hand Picked Selection + Gift Box 

Check out our hand picked selection of stone. Here, you will be able to choose the exact pair of stone plugs you will receive from the photos. This makes your gift just a little bit more personalized for the ones you care about most. It can also be great for those of us with a special someone on the pickier side (we've all got one). To make this gift even more special, get it wrapped in a gift box before delivery. You can add a gift box and even a personalized note with your order that we will put in the box. Your gift will come completely ready to go with just a few clicks from your end! 
Go to Gift Box


Gold Hinged CBR + Gold Screw Back Stainless Steel Tunnels 

The gold hinged captive bead ring and the gold screw back stainless steel tunnels are the perfect combination for anyone with multiple piercings. The gold color on both makes for a cohesive set. Gold jewelry is extremely neutral and goes with anything. The gold hinged captive bead ring can be used in multiple different piercing on their ear or face, and the gold screw back stainless steel tunnels are available in many different sizes. If someone has stretched ear piercings along with multiple other piercings, this is the combination they want to receive this year! 
Go to Gold CBR


Arctic Buffalo Gift Card 

Last, but definitely not least, give someone special a gift card from Arctic Buffalo. If you are unsure of the style or preference someone may want, this is the option for you! You are able to show someone you care, and let them choose whatever they love personally from our website.
Go to eGift Card
As you can see, there are so many different options and combinations you can come up with to create the best gift for someone you care about. We hope you found the perfect gift this season through our gift guide, and if not, we hoped this helped to spark some ideas. Arctic Buffalo wishes you happy holidays and happy shopping! 
December 04, 2020 — Amanda Pyle
Ear weights have arrived!

Ear weights have arrived!

We now carry several sets of gorgeous brass ear weights to aid the stretching process.  Find them all here.

May 05, 2016 — D Z
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Purple Cat Eye

Purple Cat Eye

New this week: Purple Cat Eye stone now available at Arctic Buffalo! We have this stone in three unique designs from 8g in single-flare all the way up to 1-1/2" in our new concave design.  Finally, stone plugs in a size and style for almost everyone!


April 19, 2016 — D Z
AMAZONITE- our newest stone option is here!

AMAZONITE- our newest stone option is here!

If you love our natural stone plugs, you have to check out this one!  Amazonite plugs are available in double flare from sizes 4g-1-1/4".  They have a lovely pale turquoise hue with lots of great natural variations. 

January 14, 2016 — D Z
Red-Banded and Green-Banded Agate

Red-Banded and Green-Banded Agate

These two new stones are beautiful and available in sizes up to 2".  They come in a variety of patterns so unique they are only available in our hand-picked section.  Pick out your exact pair and take the guesswork out of finding the perfect set!


November 30, 2015 — D Z
Sodalite and Moss Agate stone plugs- available in single-flare or double-flare!

Sodalite and Moss Agate stone plugs- available in single-flare or double-flare!

We just got in 2 new stone options and this is the first time we've offered a stone in a single flare!  Check out the single-flare Sodalite and Moss Agate. These are available from 8g to 5/8".  These are a great option for people who have trouble with double flares.  Plugs are flared on one side and come with o-ring to keep in place. 

The double-flare versions in Sodalite and Moss Agate are also awesome, starting at 3/4" and going up to 1-1/2" they have a concave design to keep them lightweight and comfortable even in the big sizes.

October 29, 2015 — D Z
Let the gift giving begin!

Let the gift giving begin!

We're super excited to introduce our new gift wrapping options.  With the Holiday season approaching this option takes the hassle and stress out of gift giving.  You can use these options to ship the gift directly to your recipient or just ship it to yourself to give personally.  Gift box color of your choice, bow, 1 velvet drawstring pouch (1 pouch per gift wrap order), decorative paper, personalized gift card.

Gift Boxes


Double-flare glitter glass plugs in three colors

Double-flare glitter glass plugs in three colors

New glass plugs just in- and available in three glittery gorgeous color selections!  We're planning on expanding our glass selection, so keep an eye out for more- but in the meantime take a look at these awesome glass plugs with a streaked glitter interior in blue, gold, black and green!

August 31, 2015 — D Z