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New to stretching?

Whether you're new to stretching or well on your journey, we're here to help. Our stretching guide covers the basics on terminology, getting started, and caring for your jewelry and skin.

New Arrivals

What's in the box?!

You'll have to find out for yourself...
Our mystery items change monthly and can be anything from our regular plugs or a special item only available here. You may receive plugs, tunnels, or hangers, but whatever it is will be for your stretched ears.

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Stress Relief

Stress can be a big problem for many of us. It can manifest as irritability, headaches, low energy, insomnia, and several other problems. We combat stress with daily mindfulness and meditation. Our favorite way to start meditation is by lighting some incense and allowing the fragrance to transform the mood of our space. This incense is available in over 20 scents so you can find your perfect complement.

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Body Care

Your skin is your largest organ. Don't neglect it!
We know how important it is to properly take care of our ears during the stretching journey. The rest of our skin should get the same attention. Here, you'll find our favorite small-batch, hand-made products for face and body care.

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Omaha Customers!

Come see us on Friday 7/29 to pick out some seriously discounted plugs. Read more for time and location details.