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Wood Care

June 15th, 2023

Summertime Tips

Now that the summer heat is here, a lot of us are hitting the pool or beach to cool down. While we think that's a fun way to spend some time, your wood jewelry disagrees.

Wood jewelry is absolutely beautiful and our most eco-friendly material but it is also the most high maintenance. We often talk about the importance of keeping them moisturized in the dry winter months to prevent cracking. The summer months are essentially the opposite. Don't get them wet!

A little water here and there won't cause serious damage. Like if you get caught out in the rain, no biggie, just take them out and let them dry when you can. Showering or swimming with your wood jewelry will absolutely shorten the life of your plugs.

Or wood plugs are not sealed with any polyurethane type of coating. They are natural and vulnerable to any environmental contaminants. Wood will absorb any liquid it comes in contact with along with anything else in that liquid. Alcohol and chlorine are pretty obviously going to damage the wood. Salt and freshwater bodies of water are teeming with bacteria. That bacteria will get into the wood's pores and continue to grow, super yuck.

Be sure to regularly oil your wood jewelry to provide a protective barrier between the wood and the surrounding environment, including your own body oils and dead skin cells. For an extra layer of protection, apply a light amount of beeswax after oiling to help seal them and reapply as needed. Properly oiling your jewelry does not make them immune to possible damage, but a little preventative effort goes a long way in preserving the long lasting life and beauty of wood plugs and tunnels.

Maybe trees do have souls. Which makes wood a kind of flesh. And perhaps instruments of wooden construction sound so pleasing to our ears for this reason: the choral shimmer of a guitar; the heartbeat thump of drums; the mournful wail of violins--we love them because they sound like us.    
- Michael Christie


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