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Introducing: Depth Gauge

April 18th, 2024

You're not one-size-fits-all, you're one-size-fits-you. This is why we're excited to introduce the Depth Gauge Size System. Chances are, you know your size. We're talking about the diameter of your piercing, i.e. you're a 0g or 1". The other part of your size that has been ignored forever is the thickness of your lobes. Almost all plugs and tunnels are created with a "standard" size that's supposed to be a middle ground that fits most people. Sure, they fit most people, but that doesn't mean they're comfortable or look good. When your plugs are too long, they hang out too far out of the front and back of your ears. Plugs that are too short don't have flares securely on both sides of your ears. In both cases, your plugs aren't super comfortable and are more likely to fall out due to the poor fit.

Now we offer 3 lengths to choose from to find your best fit. If you've ordered silicone plugs from us before, those are the medium length with a wearable area of 8mm. How do they fit? If they're a bit long go down to the small length. Need something a bit bigger? Go up to the large length. If you haven't worn our silicone plugs before you can still figure out which way to go. On a piece of paper, use a metric ruler to draw 3 separate lines, 9.5mm, 11.5mm, and 13.5mm. Now grab your best fitting plugs and compare them to those lines to get a starting point. Think about how those plugs fit you. Even if they're your most comfortable ones, would would like them to be a bit smaller or larger or are they perfect as is? If you're on the hunt for a better fit, grab a pair of the right length for you ears.

For now, we have these in our best selling matte black color and are working on bringing these new length options in additional colors.



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