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 Arctic Buffalo

7735 S. 134th Street, #101

Omaha, NE 68138

(402) 932-5586 


Now accepting customer service messages via text!

E-mail:  Instagram: @ArcticBuffalo  Twitter: @ArcticBuff Facebook: Arctic Buffalo Youtube: Arctic Buffalo
Customer Service hours are 8:00am - 4:00pm CST Monday-Thursday and 8:00am - 12pm Fridays
We often have people in processing orders on the weekends but do not have customer service available on weekends.  Please leave us an email or message and we'll get back to you on the next business day.


Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learn more about our mission. A little bit about Arctic Buffalo....

Arctic Buffalo is a group of fun people who quite simply enjoy to do things a little bit different from the norm. Piercings, ear stretching, body mods, alternative clothing, wild hair name it. It's fun and most importantly it's who we are. Our staff consists of great, passionate people, dedicated to making a place you can feel welcome and assured that you will find great unique products, exceptional pricing, and a dedication to customer service. 

We sell the products we like, not your typical mall offerings.  All types of body jewelry from simple nose and naval rings to enormous plugs and tunnels. We are always in search of new items to offer the best possible selection to our customers and enjoy hearing from you with any suggestions. 

Our company is located here in the heart of the US, Omaha, Nebraska. Our centralized location allows us easy and quick shipping to anywhere in North America. Additionally, we ship all over the world to both re-sellers and our valued customers. was launched April of 2014 with a vision to not only provide exceptional jewelry and other fun lifestyle products but to also share in this experience with our friends and customers. We want to hear about what is important to our customers, hear their ideas and even put these great ideas into place within our business. 

Over the last year in our quest to expand our line of high quality body jewelry, we have become very involved in the manufacturing processes of our suppliers. Due to the high volumes of product that we stock and sell we have been able to put very strict requirements in place that allow us the peace of mind to know our customers are receiving the highest quality products available. Plus we now have many manufacturers that produce unique products exclusively for us allowing our customers some of the most unique designs available. Our experience has allowed us to locate many of the finest craftsman around the globe that handcraft many  unique wood, stone and glass plugs and tunnels. 

Feel free to contact at us anytime with your feedback or suggestions,   We would love to hear from you. is a GJ Global LLC company, all rights reserved.