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How to Measure Plugs

October 19th, 2023

Know Your Size

"Know your plug size" may seem like a duh statement, but it really comes up often. Sometimes people get plugs from friends, sometimes it's just been a really long time since they bought new plugs, sometimes people just forget. Whatever the case, you should always measure what fits so you know what size to order.

There are 3 common, easy ways to measure your plugs. The first 2 require specialty tools. Calipers and gauge wheels are easy to use. A gauge wheel comes with specific size slots all around the edges. Just try each one until you find the slot your plugs fit into without forcing it or having a lot of wiggle room. Calipers come in both in either digital or manual displays. Be sure to zero out the display if you are using digital calipers. Just slide jaws open, hold your plug in between the jaws, and then close the jaws around the wearable area (part that sits in your lobe) and be sure to avoid the flares. These 2 methods measure the diameter of your plugs which is the distance between the sides. The diameter is the size of the plug.

If you don't want to spend money on one of those tools, you can still find your size but you'll need to use a bit of math. Take a piece of string and wrap it around your plug once and mark where the overlap is. Then measure the distance marks. Take that distance measurement and divide by pi (we shorten it to 3.14) and that will give you the diameter, and there you have your size. We always recommend using the metric system when measuring, but HIGHLY RECOMMEND metric for the string method.


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