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Know Your Stones

March 16th, 2023

Natural or Synthetic

One of the ideas we love about stones is the connection of our bodies to nature. Stones are a natural beauty we can harvest and shape into so many different styles of jewelry.

Stones, however, are not always what you think. In our stone collection, you'll find natural stones, "enhanced" stones, and synthetic stones. What's the difference? Well, natural stones are exactly what they say they are, natural. They are simply cut and polished into the pieces we have. Enhanced stones are just that. They started as a natural stone, but then dyed, heated, or manipulated in some way to enhance it's beauty. Synthetic stones are a fun bunch. They are entirely man-made usually out of a glass base. If they're glass, why are they in the stones? Just because that's where people expect them to be. Cat eye is the best example of that. Most plug companies sell them as stones so that's where people go to look for them. We put them in both our glass and stone collections. There are some other interesting outliers like obsidian. Technically it is glass, but it's a naturally formed glass from volcanic activity. You'll also find that in both the glass and stone collections.

The point of all this is just that we want you to know what you're buying. In our stone listings, we will tell you whether it is natural, enchanced, or synthetic. We're also working to include information as to where the natural stones were mined. It's a work in progress so keep an eye out if that is info you are looking for.    

Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are.  
- Gretel Ehrlich


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