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Metric vs Imperial Sizing

April 20th, 2023

Simple Sizing

When shopping for new plugs, a lot of people like to shop by size. You know your size and only want to see what fits you. Perfect! We've got you covered. You can shop by size on our site.

You may notice we list our sizes by the metric measurement first, then by the standard (imperial) size. That might be different from what you're used to. Our preference for measurement is metric because it is more accurate and easier to understand.

We're big fans of size accuracy. On glass, stone, and wood jewelry we will write the exact measurement of your plugs since these are hand-made and will have variances. If you order 8mm glass plugs, you might get plugs that measure 7.8mm. Those are still the correct size. That 0.2mm difference is about the thickness of a regular piece of paper. We write the exact size as sometimes the variances are a bit larger. On these plugs, the exact measurement can be up to 1mm larger or smaller than the size ordered. The exception to this is when the next size up is the next mm anyway, and in those cases the variance won't be more than 0.5mm.

For some reason, a lot of Americans hate the metric system and find it confusing. At least for sizing plugs, it is the easiest to understand system. You're a 8mm and want to know the next size? It's 9mm. After that is 10mm. Then 11mm. You get the idea. Super simple, it's just the next number. Now we apply that to the standard system. 8mm is 0g. The next size is 00g. Then 7/16". After that is 1/2". Makes no sense. We use a gauge size (which is a wire thickness measurement anyway) for smaller sizes up to a point. Then it switches over to fractions of inches. Sooooooooooo dumb.

We really don't care which measurement system you prefer, this is just a little background into why we chose to base our store off of metric. To each their own.

If you're unsure on your size, we offer two different tools you can use to measure. A gauge wheel is pretty straight forward. If the plug fits in that slot, that's the size and it is metric on one side and standard on the other so you'll know both measurements. Digital calipers will measure the exact size to the tenth of a millimeter, and can also display the standard size.

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