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Ultimate Comfort

February 15th, 2024

If you're looking for the most comfortable and durable plugs and tunnels, you'll find silicone to be your new favorite.

The flexible nature of silicone is what makes them so insanely comfortable. Tunnels move and bend with you and whatever you're doing with your ears. Your lobes can get squished or twisted and these tunnels just go along with it. Whether you're wearing a motorcycle helmet or just snuggling your s/o, these soft, flexible tunnels won't pinch or fall out. They're super easy to put in and no extra stretching is required to get over the flares. Silicone plugs are far more rigid than tunnels and hold their shape. They do have some give to them and are still pretty easy to put in.

Silicone is not as durable as steel but it still has it's advantages. The weather does not affect silicone like it does steel. They will stay a comfortable temperature in the hot summer and cold winter. They won't break or chip if dropped like stone or glass. They're safe to shower and swim with, unlike wood. The nature of silicone also gives it a "grippy" texture so they're less likely to fall out or get knocked out. If you're doing any physical activity like playing a sport or working out, silicone will stay with you better than any other plugs or tunnels.

We love silicone for it's exceptional comfort on the skin, the large variety of colors available, and most of all, it's affordability!


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