White Brass Open Plugs with Feather Wings

$ 22.00

These open plugs with feather wings are made entirely from white brass, which has a silver tone to it. The detail in the wings is very elegant. The thirteen-feathered parts of the wings display out in a circular pattern for a curved wing look, adding dimension to the pair. The wings on these open plugs look very realistic in comparison to actual feathered wings, however they also display a mystical look.

These are a statement piece, especially perfect for the upcoming Halloween season! They are neutral because the coloring is solely white brass, but the wing design of these plugs grabs attention and makes these an eye-catching accessory.

Additionally, brass is a beneficial substitute to copper jewelry because it resists corrosion better. You need these plugs in your collection. Rave with us over these white brass open plugs with feather wings!

Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces)

Material: brass

Weight (per piece): 8.4 - 23.6g

Length: 33.7 - 52.0mm

Width: 15.5 - 28.0mm