Tiger's Eye Keyhole Weight Hanger

$ 32.25

Tiger's Eye Keyhole Weight Hanger

The Tiger's Eye Weight Hangers are a psuedomorph of compact Quartz. The ear stretching accessory is formed when the Quartz takes over and dissolves the Crocodolite, leaving the Quartz in a fibrous and chatoyant form. This is a completely natural stone, unaltered from its unique structure and original form.

Weight hangers are for occasional wear at events or to change out during the day for a particular look, rather than the kind of jewelry that you sleep in or wear in a freshly stretched ear because this puts you at higher risk for scar tissue.


  • Sold as 1 pair (2 pieces)


  • Keyhole weight hanger ear accessory
  • Yellow, tiger's eye design
  • Available in 2 sizes: The smaller size wears at about the same as 9 mm plug, but you must be able to stretch over about 11.5 mm to wear this size. The larger size wears at about the same as 12.5 mm plug, but you must be able to stretch over about 16 mm to wear this size. See dimensions listed below.

Wearable Area Dimensions

  • Small: (C): 27 mm - (D): 8.6 mm1
  • Large: (C): 40 mm - (D):12.7 mm

Largest Area Dimensions:

  • Small: (C): 34 mm - (D): 10.8 mm
  • Large: (C): 53 mm - (D) 16.9 mm

**(C) - approximate circumference

**(D) - approximate diameter equivalent




  • Small: 48.5 mm
  • Large: 56.5 mm

Weight (per piece):

  • Small: 14 g (approx 5.5 U.S. pennies)
  • Large: 30 g (approx 12 U.S. pennies)

Ear Stretching

If you’re looking to stretch your ears you’re better off using stretch plugs or tunnels.

For relief on a freshly-stretched ear or continuous maintenance of a stretched ear, consider trying one of our widely-popular healing ointments:

GaugeGear Stretching Balm

Golden Jojoba Oil

Daily Conditioning Oil

Ear weights only stretch the bottom of your ear lobe. You want to avoid this because stretching the entire diameter of the ear is super important, otherwise this may lead to breakages when the skin begins to thin. You are also at risk of loss of blood flow which may lead to the skin dying off. It is also important to rotate ear weights out during the week in order to help the healing process and retain the structure and existing size of your currently stretched ears.

All measurements are approximate and individual pieces will vary

*Natural stones will vary in color and pattern, the pair you receive may not look exactly like the photo. Please see the additional photo that shows some variation ranges among the available sizes.

Natural Material: SIZES ARE NOT EXACT; CAN BE +/- 1 MM