Snake Brass Ear Weights Hangers with Hinged Clasp

$ 70.00

  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces) 
  • Style: Ear weights hangers 
  • Material: Brass 
  • Gauge: 6g (4mm) 
  • Length: 42.5mm 
  • Width: 42.2mm 
  • Weight (per piece): 21g 
  • Snake ear weights hangers with hinged clasp 

These snake brass ear weights hangers are insanely cool. They have a hinged clasp so there is no visual appearance of a hook or clip. The body of the snake is coiled to look like it is actually wrapping through your ear piercing in a very life-like way. 

The carved designs on the snake add even more realistic detail to these impressive hangers. The crisscrossed carvings on the body of the snake create the appearance of scales in a diamond shape. The face of the snake has two small eyes and an open mouth with four fangs showing an aggressive facial expression. 

The snake brass ear weights hangers are very elaborate and have so much intricate detail that make them such an interesting and unique pair of hangers. You are sure to do some show stopping in these brass hangers.  They come in a pair of two hangers made entirely from brass, weighing 21g per piece. Keep in mind you must be at least 4mm to wear these hangers. 

*Brass and copper may leave a green discoloration on the skin. This is a chemical reaction between the metal, the atmosphere, and your body (skin, oils, sweat, lotions).