Red Banded Agate Double Flare Plugs # GRB-050-1-P

$ 100.80

Purchase this exact set. No questions as to what the pair you select will look like, the photo provided is the exact set you will receive (Red Banded Agate # GRB-050-1-P)!  

Red Banded Agate – Also called sardonyx, this beautiful stone is a common variety of chalcedony and can vary in color from orange to red with white to clear banding.  They have been heat-treated to enhance color intensity.

We have hand-selected some of the most beautiful stone available and crafted into beautiful plug sets for your enjoyment. Every set is unique, don't miss out on the chance to own one of these amazing plug sets before the one you like is snatched up! 

Size: 2" (50mm)

Length Measurements: 15.51mm and 15.55mm

Measurements at the wearable area: 50.13mm and 50.15mm 

Red Banded Agate # GRB-050-1-P