Pearl Steel Blue Thin Silicone Tunnels

$ 13.25

These pearl steel blue thin silicone tunnels bring classic silicone tunnels to the next level with the slight shimmer of the steel blue color! The muted blue-gray color of these plugs also makes them are a fairly neutral pair of plugs that can be worn on many different occasions in many different settings!

These tunnels are flexible for comfort, yet strong enough to maintain their size/shape. Because the tunnels are made from silicone, which is such a flexible material, they will be extremely comfortable, even when wearing all day. 

You need these silicone tunnels with a little shimmery flair! Grab these silicone plugs in many of the numerous colors available. You can never have enough of these solid-colored tunnels.

*Silicone products should be worn in fully healed piercings. They work best in established holes that do not need much support.* 

 Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces) 

Shape: Round 

Flare: Double flare 

Flare Size: 3mm 

Material: Silicone 

Wearable Length: 7mm 

Size: Measured at the wearable are by mm size