Orange Single Flare Glass Plugs

$ 15.75

  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces) 
  • Style: Round cut plug 
  • Material: Borosilicate glass 
  • Flare: Single flare, o-ring included with each piece 
  • Flare Size: 3mm 
  • Available Sizes: 4mm-25mm 
  • Size: Can vary +/- 1mm 
  • Wearable Length: 7mm 
  • Total Length: 15mm-17mm 
  • Natural Material: SIZES ARE NOT EXACT; CAN BE +/- 1MM 
  • Orange translucent single flare glass plugs 

These beauties are a spunky and one-of-a-kind addition to your jewelry collection. The translucent aspect of the borosilicate glass gives a fun twist to your typical opaque glass plugs. Borosilicate glass is also known to be extremely durable, so they will be a reliable option for a long time.

The moody orange color allows these to be an understated accessory. The orange isn’t overly bright and that gives a bit of edginess to these single flare plugs. These glass plugs come in a pair of two single flare plugs accompanied by o-rings. Available sizes range from 4mm-25mm with a flare size of 3mm.

This item cannot be autoclaved. 

If you prefer double flare over single flare, don’t worry! We carry this cool orange glass in double flare too. Check them out here!