Octopus White Brass Ear Weights Hangers

$ 55.00

  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces) 
  • Style: Hangers 
  • Material: White brass 
  • Gauge: 6g (4mm) 
  • Length: 66.8mm 
  • Width: 44.4mm 
  • Weight (per piece) 24.2g 
  • Intricately carved octopus hangers made of white brass

Parade around in these stylish sea creatures and flaunt the accessory of the century. The octopus white brass ear weights hangers are a HOT commodity in the world of hangers. The substantial length of 66.8mm and width of 44.4mm make these a prominent accessory to any outfit. The whole point of accessories is to elevate your ensemble, and these will do just that.  

The incredible detail on the octopus is just another aspect that separates these hangers from the rest. The life-like carvings add an element of artistry that is unmatched. From the texture on top of the octopus to the eight swirling tentacles and tiny carved suckers covering the tentacles, these hangers embody every aspect of the sea creature. The back tentacle acts as the hanger and loops through your ear. The other tentacles are uniquely coiled and curled to look like they are gliding through the ocean.   

The octopus white brass ear weights are made solely from high-quality white brass to give you a durable pair of hangers. The dense material does add some weight to the hanger, so each piece will weigh 24.2g. These hangers are a 6 gauge, so you must be at least 4mm to wear them. Order these today to “sea” why everyone loves them so much!


Brass and copper may leave a green discoloration on the skin. This is a chemical reaction between the metal, the atmosphere, and your body (skin, oils, sweat, lotions).