Nautilus Shell Steel Plugs with Abalone *Discontinued*

$ 18.50 $ 12.40

  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces)  
  • Style: Round cut tunnel with a face plate  
  • Tunnel Material: 316L stainless steel  
  • Face Design Material: Zinc casting in burnished silver plating, synthetic abalone  
  • Flare: Double flare  
  • Front Face Plate Flare Size: 5mm-8mm 
  • Back Flare Size: 2mm-2.5mm 
  • Available Sizes: 6mm-25mm  
  • Size: Size ordered is wearable area at mm size listed  
  • Wearable Length: 8mm-9mm  
  • Total Length: 15mm-17mm 
  • Nautilus shell shaped steel plugs with beautiful abalone on the face plate 

We are taking you under the sea with these beautiful plugs! These plugs will make you feel like you’re dipping your toes into an underwater wonderland! We like to consider these plugs a subtle statement. They will definitely grab your attention, without trying to be the center of attention. The nautilus shell steel plugs with abalone are the perfect accessory to any outfit because the muted pastel-colored abalone compliments anything! Your confidence will be gleaming brighter than the abalone when you have these lil’ guys in.  

The plugs have a tunnel material made from 316L stainless steel so the material in contact with your ears is extremely high quality. The face plate is where all the pizazz is at. The face design material is made of zinc casting in burnished silver plating with synthetic abalone, that reflects numerous different colors. The greens and blues popping from the abalone give us all the ocean vibes! The carvings on the face plate are extremely detailed and are darker in the creases so the design is very visible. The silver coloring of the steel complements the colors of the abalone tremendously. Each little shell is created with love and formed to perfection.  

The nautilus shell steel plugs with abalone come in a pair of two round cut tunnels with a face plate. They are double flare plugs with a back flare size of 2mm-2.5mm and front face plate size of 5mm-8mm. These beauties are available in sizes ranging from 6mm-25mm and have a wearable length of 8mm-9mm. You’ll want everyone to “sea” you in these gorgeous plugs!