Gecko White Brass Ear Weights Hangers

$ 50.00

  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces) 
  • Style: Ear weights hangers 
  • Material: White brass 
  • Gauge: 6g (4mm) 
  • Length: 46mm 
  • Width: 30mm 
  • Weight (per piece): 12.7g 
  • Incredibly detailed gecko shaped white brass ear weights hangers 

Not ready for a real-life gecko? We've got the next best thing. Our gecko ear weights are insanely cool and life-like! Who wouldn’t want these little buddies hanging with them every day? These are way too cool to leave behind. The detailed carvings on the gecko's body are what really brings these hangers to life.

These hangers come in a pair of two hangers made entirely out of high-quality white brass. Each piece weights 12.7g and they are a 6 gauge, so keep in mind you must be at least 4mm to wear these. Grab these gecko buddies today!


*Brass and copper may leave a green discoloration on the skin. This is a chemical reaction between the metal, the atmosphere, and your body (skin, oils, sweat, lotions).