Gecko Brass Ear Weights Hangers

$ 50.00

  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces) 
  • Style: Ear weights hangers 
  • Material: Brass 
  • Gauge: 6g (4mm) 
  • Length: 46mm 
  • Width: 30mm 
  • Weight (per piece): 17g 
  • Incredibly detailed gecko shaped brass ear weights hangers  

These gecko brass ear weights hangers are unique and charming. I mean who wouldn’t want these cute little guys hanging with them? The detail on each gecko is incredible. The carvings added to the body and face make them a life-like little buddy hanging from your ear. 

The tail swirls up and loops through your ear to allow the gecko to hang. Horizontal lines are carved on the back of the tail so even the section that hooks through your ear gives people detail to look at. The entire body of the gecko has small etched lines to add texture. 

The gecko brass ear weights hangers come in a pair of two with a 4mm gauge and are made entirely of brass. 


*Brass and copper may leave a green discoloration on the skin. This is a chemical reaction between the metal, the atmosphere, and your body (skin, oils, sweat, lotions).