Dragonfly Brass Hangers

$ 45.00


  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces) 
  • Style: Hangers 
  • Material: Brass 
  • Size: 6g (4mm) 
  • Length: 43.9mm 
  • Width: 45.0mm 
  • Depth:  11.5mm 
  • Weight (per piece):  14.7g 
  • Detailed dragonfly shaped brass hangers 

These dragonfly brass hangers are dainty and beautiful. These hangers are lightweight, comfortable and COOL! The dragonfly flies downwards, with the tail looping through your ear. The detail on these ear hangers is immaculate, making these brass dragonflies look extremely life-like.

The carvings on the wings mirror the complex design of veins in actual dragonfly wings and add texture to the pieces. The tail also has detailed carvings to make the entire hanger unique and eye-appeasing. The bottom of the hanger has eyes with grid-like carvings, and six teeny dragonfly legs. The hanger is made entirely from brass, weighing 14.7g per piece. These hangers will be loved far and wide and are sure to be a great conversation piece.

*Brass and copper may leave a green discoloration on the skin. This is a chemical reaction between the metal, the atmosphere, and your body (skin, oils, sweat, lotions). These hangers are for established, stretched ear piercings.

 *measurements are approximate, individual pieces may vary*