Brass Tunnels with Abalone Inlay

$ 32.95

These brass tunnels with abalone inlay are subtle yet captivating. The abalone inlay contains pastel colors such as light blue and light pink with a pearly appearance, resembling a beautiful pastel rainbow that adds pops of color to this piece. When the abalone reflects, it glistens, displaying hints of gold that matches the outer lay perfectly.

The brilliant gold color of the brass, bordering the inlay on both sides, is polished and pristine. The thin border is dainty but still visible from afar. These tunnels are classy and elegant and sure to make you feel your best while you are wearing them! Grab this subtle yet profound pair today! 

*Natural material - shell patterns are not identical.*

Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces)

Material: brass / shell

Style: round cut tunnels, 2 sides flat

Total Length: 11mm

Flare: double flare, saddle

Flare Size: 2mm

*Hand forged item, there may be slight differences between individual pieces.*

*Natural material - shell patterns are not identical.*