Black No Flare Steel Plugs

$ 13.00

  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces) 
  • Style: Round cut plug, two sides flat
  • Material: 316L stainless steel
  • Shape: No flare, orings each end
  • Flare Size: None
  • Available Sizes: 1.6mm-25mm  
  • Length: 13mm  

The black no flare steel plugs are the perfect option to wear something when you might feel like wearing nothing. The black PVD 316L stainless steel keeps these neutral and simple! In addition to the basic black coloring, the no flare style gives these a very subtle look. Even though these are subtle and not overly attention grabbing, they still bring an edgy look with them that will give you boldness and confidence! 

These plugs are a great option for those who have a difficult time putting plugs in from the front due to scar tissue or other reasons. This plug can be inserted from the front or the back since there is no flare to stretch over which makes insertion and removal very easy! The no flare style also allows the attention to be on the stretched ear, rather than the jewelry taking the attention away from that.  

The black no flare steel plugs come in a pair of two round cut plugs with both sides flat. The black PVD 316L stainless steel makes these a very high-quality and durable pair of plugs. Two o-rings are included with each piece to help keep the front and back of the plug secure. These are available in sizes ranging from 1.6mm-25mm and have a wearable length of 7.5mm. You can’t pass up having a staple like these in your collection!