Green Aventurine Double Flare Tunnels

$ 24.25

  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces) 
  • Style: Round cut tunnel, 2 sides concave 
  • Material: Aventurine, form of quartz 
  • Flare: Double flare 
  • Flare Size: 1mm-2mm larger than size ordered 
  • Available Sizes: 16mm-50mm 
  • Size: Size ordered is wearable area +/- 1mm 
  • Width: 13mm 
  • Natural Material: SIZES ARE NOT EXACT; CAN BE +/- 1MM 
  • Round cut, double flare tunnels made from aventurine stone that can range from light to dark green 

Looking at this calming green stone makes you feel at peace. Green is a color that represents the natural world and between the green coloring and this stone being an unaltered product of the earth, you really feel intact with nature. Looking at the stunning green aventurine double flare tunnels brings you pure serenity! Feel refreshed and restored when you wear these tunnels and allow others to feel the same when they see you wearing these beauties around!  

Aventurine is a form of quartz that can range from lighter to darker green. What makes stone products so special and unique is the natural variation of colors and patterns you see in each piece. Since aventurine is a form of quartz, there is a slightly translucent aspect that gives a sparkly crystalline look. The soft green coloring of these tunnels allows them to be a fairly neutral accessory. The neutrality of these tunnels allow them to be worn with a wide variety of options.   

The green aventurine double flare tunnels come in a pair of two round cut tunnels with both sides concaved. They are double flare tunnels with a flare size that will be 1mm-2mm larger than the size ordered. These gorgeous tunnels are available in sizes ranging from 16mm-50mm, but sizes can be +/- 1mm because they are made from a natural material. Grab these in your current size or get them in your goal size to remind you where you want to end up.   

Want the matching pair in plugs? Check out the green aventurine double flare plugs.


5/8" (16mm): 5.0 grams (aprox. 2 U.S. pennies)

3/4" (19mm): 6.0 grams (aprox. 2.5 U.S. pennies)

7/8" (22mm): 10.6 grams (aprox. 4 U.S. pennies)

1" (25mm): 12.4 grams (aprox. 5 U.S. pennies)

1-1/8" (28mm): 13.3 grams (aprox. 5 U.S. pennies)

1-1/4" (32mm): 17.4 grams (aprox. 7 U.S. pennies)

1-3/8" (35mm): 24.4 grams (aprox. 10 U.S. pennies)

1-1/2" (38mm): 26.2 grams (aprox. 11 U.S. pennies)

1-9/16" (40mm): 29.0 grams (aprox. 12 U.S. pennies)

1-3/4" (44mm): 34.8 grams (aprox. 14 U.S. pennies)

1-7/8" (47mm): 39.3 grams (aprox. 16 U.S. pennies)

2" (50mm): 41.2 grams (aprox. 17 U.S. pennies)