Green Aventurine Double Flare Plugs

$ 16.75

  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces) 
  • Style: Round cut plugs, 2 sides flat 
  • Material: Natural aventurine, variety of mineral quartz 
  • Shape: Double flare saddle
  • Flare Size: 1mm-2mm larger than size ordered 
  • Available Sizes: 8mm-35mm 
  • Length: 13mm 
  • Hand Made: SIZES ARE NOT EXACT; CAN BE +/- 1MM 

The aventurine stone can range from lighter green to darker green and has a slightly translucent aspect, since it is a form of quartz. This gives each plug a crystal-like look. The muted green coloring allows these to be a fairly neutral pair of plugs that match with so many different options. These plugs add the perfect touch of color to any outfit, without being too flashy.   

The green aventurine double flare plugs come in a pair of two round cut plugs that are flat on both sides for a smooth, glossy surface. The plugs are double flare and will have a flare size that is 1mm-2mm larger than the size ordered. They are available in sizes ranging from 8mm-35mm and have a width of 13mm. Since these are made from a natural material and unaltered from the original form, the coloring will vary and the sizing can be +/- 1mm. The natural material allows each pair of plugs to be perfectly unique and suited for you!  

Natural stones will vary in color and pattern, the pair you receive may not look exactly like the photo. Please see the additional photo that shows some variation ranges amongst the available sizes.


4g (5mm): .77 grams (less than 1 us penny)

2g (6mm): 1.4 grams (less than 1 us penny)

0g (8mm): 2.1 grams ( aprox. 1 U.S. penny)

00g (10mm): 3.2 grams (aprox. 2 U.S. pennies)

1/2" (12mm): 4.4 grams (aprox. 2 U.S. pennies)

9/16" (14mm): 5.7 grams (aprox. 2.5 U.S. pennies)

5/8" (16mm): 7.6 grams (aprox. 3 U.S. pennies)

3/4" (19mm): 10.5 grams (aprox. 4 U.S. pennies)

7/8" (22mm): 14.5 grams (aprox. 6 U.S. pennies)

1" (25mm): 18.0 grams (aprox. 7 U.S. pennies)

1-1/8" (28mm): 28.1 grams (aprox. 11 U.S. pennies)

1-1/4" (32mm): 30.6 grams (aprox. 13 U.S. pennies)

1-3/8" (35mm): 35.6 grams (aprox. 14 U.S. pennies)

1-1/2" (38mm): 41.1 grams (aprox. 17 U.S. pennies)