Autoclave Sterilization

$ 5.00

This optional process will sterilize your jewelry using an autoclave machine. 

Our jewelry is new and unworn, however, we do not clean the jewelry before it ships. We highly recommend you clean the jewelry before wearing it. Clean is not the same as sterile. Sterilization is not necessary but for fresh stretches can be very helpful to minimize the risk of introducing bacteria to not-yet-healed skin.

Sterilization is not available for wood, bone, horn, or epoxy jewelry.

We can autoclave jewelry that has glued gems but it is not recommended as it will degrade the glue and greatly reduce the life of the jewelry.

Silicone jewelry can also be sterilized but please be aware it will reduce the life of the jewelry.

This service will sterilize 5 pairs or 10 pieces of body jewelry.