Matte Dark Blue Silicone Plugs

$ 13.25

  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces)
  • Flare: Double flare   
  • Available Sizes: 3mm-38mm   
  • Size: Measured at the wearable area by mm size  
  • Wearable Length: 8mm  
  • Total Length: 12mm  
  • Dark blue silicone plugs with a matte appearance  
The matte dark blue silicone plugs are an enticing deep blue color that is often associated with power and stability. Wearing these plugs will give you all the confidence needed to seize each day in style! The neutrality of the dark blue also makes them a great option for a pair of plugs you can wear on a daily basis and accessorize almost anything with.  
The silicone is strong and durable, so they remain in the proper circular shape when they are in your ears. Although they are strong enough to maintain the correct shape, they also have some flexibility to them which makes for easy insertion and removal. Keep in mind that silicone products should be worn in fully healed ears because they work best in established piercings that do not need much support.   
The matte dark blue silicone plugs come in sizes ranging from 3mm-38mm. They have a total length of 12mm with a wearable length of 8mm. They are double flare plugs, and the size is measured at the wearable area by mm size. Enhance your jewelry collection with a solid-colored pair of silicone plugs that are great for so many different occasions. The luxurious deep blue is dark and beautiful, and the matte finish adds a unique aspect to these babies!