Matte Purple Thin Silicone Tunnels

$ 13.25

Our Matte Purple Thin Silicone Tunnels are a vibrant and comfortable set of tunnels that are ideal for living everyday life! 

Silicone material is great for stretched ears! It's flexible, making it ideal for insertion and comfortability, but it is also strong enough to maintain the size of the hole. We suggest that our silicone plugs and tunnels are worn in established ears, because their goal is to maintain your current shape, not to stretch. With silicone jewelry, it is always important to keep your sets clean to ensure that your piercing does not get infected. Luckily, silicone is super easy to clean 

These Matte Purple Thin Silicone Tunnels offer the comfortability and durability that you need in a pair of silicone tunnels! Pairing that with the matte coloring offers you the chance to express your style. These tunnels are your next go-to!  

Need some guidance on stretching tips, methods, sizing, and cleaning? Check out our ear stretching guide. 


Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces) 

Shape: Round 

Flare: Double flare 

Flare Size: 3mm 

Material: Silicone 

Wearable Length: 7mm 

Size: Measured at the wearable are by mm size