Single Flare Black Glass Plugs

$ 5.50

Arctic Buffalo’s Single Flare Black Glass Plugs are a great accessory for both simple stretching and your everyday, comfortable wear. These plugs make your stretching journey easier to conquer. 

Our single flare glass plugs, made with borosilicate glass, have been called the best plugs to stretch with because of our sizing in 1 mm increments! The borosilicate glass provides both easy insertion and effortless wearThe smaller 1mm increment sizing and rounded back allows for smaller stretches which reduces tearing and helps speed up the healing process for a safer, faster stretch.  It is the most comfortable way to stretch. These pieces have a glass front with a black base that is accompanied with O-rings. 

These plugs are designed for any and every aspect of your life. Laying around the house or going out with friends, our single flare black glass plugs will look great for any occasion! Check out any of our 5-star reviews on this pair below to see for yourself just how amazing this jewelry can be! 

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Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces) 

Material: borosilicate glass 

Style: single flare plugs 

Flare Size: 1.5 - 3mm 

Total Length: 15 - 26mm 


Natural Material: SIZES ARE NOT EXACT; CAN BE +/- 1MM