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Top 5 Products of 2020

Top 5 Products of 2020

As 2020 comes to a close and we head into 2021 with a fresh start, let’s take a minute for a 2020 recap with Arctic Buffalo. We want to share with you the top five products of 2020. Step up your jewelry game in 2021, and make it the year you achieve your dream size while wearing the hottest products on the market...and here they are.

Black Thick Silicone Tunnels

First up we have our black thick silicone tunnels. Our black silicone tunnels were worn on the mountains, on walks with the dog, on zoom calls and next to loved ones on the couch in 2020. They made their mark this year, and we are excited to see where you take them in 2021! These silicone tunnels are the perfect basic accessory for your collection. The thick flare makes this silicone set simple and comfortable yet bold and eye catching. We go crazy over the comfort of this pair. We never want to take them out!  Let’s see what some of our customers have had to say about this best seller.  

Matte Black Thin Silicone Tunnels

Next up, we have our matte black thin silicone tunnels!! These were a newcomer in 2020, and you guys LOVED them, making them a best seller on our site in less than six months! We needed a lot of comfort in 2020, and these were our go-to! These tunnels were hot hot hot in 2020 because of the matte color and comfort. We see them making a big appearance in 2021 as well! Here’s what some of you had to say about this matte favorite:

Onyx Plugs

Our staple Onyx Plugs were loved in 2020 because of their subtle yet glossy appearance that added FASHION to our stay-at-home-fits. Y'all raved about the weight and comfort of these plugs... and we're in complete agreement!! These. Are. Awesome. See what all the hype's about, get a pair for yourself and watch this onyx set put a smile on your face (and your wallet) in 2021! What's better than that!? Here is what some had to say about our onyx plugs this year: 

Onyx Tunnels

These onyx tunnels were EVERYTHING and more in 2020...and they won't be going anywhere in 2021. These are a staple accessory and we love them for their comfort and the sleek look of the onyx. From the grocery store to webcam gatherings, these added a little bit of luxury to 2020. Look good, feel good, and these tunnels did just that.

Black Screw Back Stainless Steel Tunnels

Lastly, arguably our hottest product of the year, our black screw back tunnels. It's hard to find a more reliable, staple accessory than these babies. Gorgeous AND lightweight?! Yup, sign us up. Unfortunately these will not be sticking around in 2021. But don't worry...another great pair of tunnels will be taking their place. Get them before they're gone, and be on the look out for our non-screw double flare coming in 2021!

As you can see, basic black accessories will never go out of style. We hope you enjoyed diving into what we were raving over in 2020 and will continue to love in 2021. Arctic Buffalo is not going anywhere, and we are excited to see ya'll rock our jewelry all across the world in 2021. The start of a new year is the best time to set some goals, and we are here to help YOU with the stretching ones!! Happy New Year!! Be on the look out for our next blog with the top products to look forward to in 2021!

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