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Stretching Balm: A MUST

Stretching Balm: A MUST

This month we are bringing extra love and attention to our aftercare stretching balm from GaugeGear. A lot of you have said this is a MUST when stretching your piercings. Based on experience, this balm will leave you asking “how did I stretch without it?!” Our stretching balm smells good, it feels good and it’s cheap!! But those are just a few things we love about this concoction. Let’s dive in to all the benefits this jojoba-based balm has for your piercings, stretched or not.

1. Can help fight infection

Jojoba, myrrh and tea tree oil bring the magic to maintaining clean-smelling ears. Research suggests these oils can fight off bacteria and fungi to keep your ears from smelling bad. Jojoba can help speed up the healing process and fights smelly bacteria. Myrrh oil has antiseptic properties that can fight off disease-causing microorganisms that may lead to infection, and tea tree oil is added to help keep your wound clean and may prevent infection

2. Can repair skin and reduce swelling and scarring

A few ingredients work together to repair damaged skin. Stretching your piercings tears tissue, which can cause inflammation and scarring. Wheat germ oil works to reduce scarring, while jojoba oil and tea tree oil work to repair your skin while you are stretching. Research suggests tea tree oil can reduce inflammation while jojoba oil can promote new cell growth 

3. Can soothe irritation

Relieve those itchy ears! Sweet almond oil is the magic ingredient that works to reduce dryness, soreness and irritation. Bee’s wax is included in this balm to condition your skin and seal all these wonderful, natural ingredients into your happy lobes
If you haven’t added our stretching balm to your cart yet, this is your sign! Make your life easier and your ears happier. Add our GaugeGear stretching balm to your daily routine today. Your ears will thank you! 
Our stretching balm pairs great with our stretching plugs. Pop your next size in with ease as you size up to your goal! 

What you've had to say:

Cheyenne S - Dallas, TX
"I love this stretching balm! Its so great for stretching and its an awesome aftercare routine for ear/septum stretching. Would 100% recommend. You won’t be disappointed!" 6/11/21
Elisa G. - Bridgewater, NJ
"This is the only thing i’ve tried that COMPLETELY gets rid of that “smell” (if you know what I mean). I loved using this while stretching and still use it now to keep moisturized. Amazing product" 5/21/21
James M - Spring Hill, FL
"It is a very good product. Helped me heal nicely" 11/6/20
Erica C - Toronto, ON
"very easy to stretch with! I have sensitive skin and this works great for me :) thank u!!" 5/21/21
Have any tips to help out other fellow stretchers? Our community would love to hear from you! Share in the comments below. ⬇️

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