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Plastic Sucks!

January 19th, 2023

Transition Period

At this point, we all know how absolutely terrible single-use plastics are, but damn they can be so difficult to avoid.

Those of you who've been with us for a while know we used plastic bubble bags to protect your jewelry in shipping. Last year we made change. Just one change but we love it! We now use cellulose wadding instead of bubble wrap to protect your jewelry from damage in shipping. The cellulose wadding does kinda look like paper towels as some people have mentioned but it is not! It is made from 100% recycled paper, biodegradable, and curbside recyclable.

While we feel really good about this change, we know our work isn't done yet. We still use poly mailers to ship most orders and all jewelry is shipped in sealed poly bags. Finding a good replacement for the poly mailers will be our next big undertaking. It requires a balancing act we haven't been able to fulfill just yet. It needs to both be plastic free but also light weight enough to still allow affordable shipping. We'll get there.  

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.  
- Maya Angelou


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