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NEW SIZES UP TO 36 MM: Steel Stretching Plugs

NEW SIZES UP TO 36 MM: Steel Stretching Plugs

You’ve heard all the rave about our single flare glass plugs being the greatest thing to happen since sliced bread. 🍞 But let’s give a shoutout to the single flare stainless steel plugs that ALSO come in 1mm increments. Not only that, but we now carry them in sizes up to 36mm!! That’s not even the best part. Keep an eye out, because COMING SOON we will carry our steel single flare plugs up to 38mm! 👀 You heard that right...we’re here to help you size up BIG with the best stretching method out there. 
Let’s talk about the ear stretching process and why you should incorporate these single flare stainless steel plugs into your stretching routine if you’re trying to size up. We won’t stop there; We will also give you testimonials of people in the #buffcommunity who have used these single flare stainless steel plugs and everything they loved about them. 👥 Now, let’s talk about all the hype and top reasons you need these on your stretching journey. 💥        

1) Single Flare Style

Single flared ear plugs only have a flare on one side, which makes insertion and removal extremely easy. This is important when you’re trying to size up because you may be dealing with some inflammation or irritated skin, which causes your stretched hole to be tighter around the plug than it would be fully healed. All our single flare plugs come with an o-ring included to keep each piece in place, so you don’t have to worry about the plug sliding around. The single flare style makes sizing up simple! 🤗 

If you need extra o-rings check out our o-ring collection to get packs of 10 for only $1.75!


Photo: Paula D.

2) 316L Stainless Steel Material

Surgical stainless steel is a material that is stretching approved by Arctic Buffalo. We want you to have the best experience possible with our company and products, so we are here to be completely transparent with you when it comes to everything stretching. A material like steel is a primal option when stretching, because it minimizes the risk of prolonging an infection when irritation occurs. All our single flare stainless steel plugs are made of high quality 316L stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about what is in contact with your ears! Not to mention, steel is an extremely durable material, so these will not be easily dented or damaged. 🔗 

Shop all of our steel products here!


3) Machined Steel

The 316L stainless steel that these stretching plugs are made from is an extremely high-quality and durable steel. There is more room for inconsistencies when items are handmade, like our stretching glass. Our steel plugs are made with machinery, so the sizes are more consistentWhen you are working to size up, a small difference in sizing can make a big difference in the fit the plug will have in your ears, especially when you have stubborn ones. With the stainless steel single flare plugs, there is less of a concern that the sizes may not be exactly perfect.  


4) Sizing in 1mm Increments

Arctic Buffalo is unique because we offer sizing in 1mm increments. This is probably THE most important reason to use our stretching plugs when sizing up. ‼️ The more slowly you stretch, the healthier your ears will be. Skipping sizes when stretching may cause more ripping to the skin than actual stretching, which will cause your earlobe to be thinner than it would be if you took your time. If your earlobe is too thin, it will be hard to reach the larger sizes. If you’re not looking to stretch super large and want to let your piercing eventually go back to a smaller size, the damage from skipping sizes will make it much harder to get back to that non-stretched look. Human skin only has a certain amount of elasticity, so going too big too fast is enough to cause damage to the elasticity of your ears.🚫 

Check out our stretching guide for all the details on the best ways to stretch and what to avoid when sizing up!



 Testimonials ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“These are perfect. They fit very comfortably without allergic reaction. They have not changed colors nor caused any discomfort whatsoever. I recommend them for stretching as I had no pain stretching with them. They are the ones I wear to work most days.” -Alice S 

“Simple, well constructed, stylish, and the rounded ends are easy to stretch with!” -Amanda K 

“These are amazing! Just what I was looking for! They have some weight to them without being bulky - perfect for stretching!” -Madeline 

“I usually wear glass plugs (I find them more comfortable in my metal-sensitive ears), but sometimes the size tolerances are a little off. The weight and precise sizing of these steel plugs were exactly what I needed to size up.” -Dana R. 

“These are so awesome! I was wearing acrylic plugs before I got these and even at a small size (8g) my ears would start to get itchy here and there and I’d find ear shmoo on them whenever I took them out to clean. I’ve been wearing these for a few days now and they are so comfortable! They look like they might be a bit wider than my acrylics too but they slid right in. Plus they are great for work. No more wearing my hair down lol” -Taryn 

“Best plugs to put in after stretching BY FAR! I’ve tried to look for a heavy set of plugs like these forever, finally found them here! 5/5 or 10/10 whatever you’d like these are the best to use for stretching to the next size up. Now just waiting to get a pair of 0g.” -Danny Z. 

“My order came in 2 days earlier then expected! The weight of the stainless steel plugs really does help with the whole stretching process.” -Darian M. 


Gallery 📸


Top Row (Left to Right): Nicholas B., Wendy S., Gabrielle H.

Bottom Row (Left to Right): Jasper K., Darian M., Hillary C.

Click HERE to see the full customer gallery on our website!

As you can see, there are many benefits to using our stainless steel single flare plugs to reach your goal size. 🥳 We are here to assist you in your ear stretching journey and do everything possible to get you to your ideal size! While the single flare glass plugs are another great option, the weight and larger sizing options of the stainless steel has been very beneficial for people. We currently carry the single flare glass up to 28mm and the single flare stainless steel plugs up to 36mm (soon to be 38mm). ⚠️ If you’re reading this...this is your sign to size up in a sleek and stylish way with our stainless steel single flare plugs! ⚠️ You will LOVE stretching the AB way. For best results pair the stretching plugs with our GaugeGear Stretching Balm and they will slide right in! 
Comment below what you have used to size up! 💬 What has worked and what hasn’t? Share with the #buffcommunity so stretchers, new and old, can have a stretching journey filled with support to reach their goals! 📣 
COMING SOON: Single flare stainless steel plugs in up to 38mm 


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