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Glass vs Steel Stretching Plugs

Glass vs Steel Stretching Plugs

At Arctic Buffalo, you know we are all about providing you with stretching plugs that help you size up in style and with ease. Our stretching plugs come in 1mm incremental sizing to allow you to stretch to larger sizes seamlessly. Most people say it's even easy and painless. The stretching plugs we offer provide you with a safer stretching method to reach your goals, without having to deal with injury or blowouts. We currently offer stretching plugs in glass and stainless steel. Let’s take a look at the difference between these stretching plug materials.  

Glass Stretching Plugs:

The Single Flare Glass Plugs are available in black, clear, white and blue ranging in sizes from 2mm-28mm. They are made from borosilicate glass, which is durable and smooth to allow the plugs to slide in with ease. The post on these is slightly longer than other single flare plugs, which helps when dealing with fresh stretches by providing extra room for swelling.

The sizes of glass are not exact because they are handmade. We measure their exact circumference and write it on your receipt for your knowledge. Although these size variations are not drastic, if you have especially sensitive ears and you are uncomfortable with the size, leave the bags sealed and reach out to our customer service for a return.

Once you get your stretching plugs in the mail and open up those little bags with your new stretching plugs, pop those babies in for a couple weeks and watch them work their magic while you prepare for your next stretch. 

Pro Tip #1: We recommend ordering each size up to your goal, all at once, so you only have to pay for shipping once.

Pro Tip #2: Combine your stretch with our stretching balm for best results.

Steel Stretching Plugs:

If you want the sizing pretty dang perfect, the Single Flare Stainless Steel Plugs might be your go-to option. These are also available in sizing up to 38mm, so they are an option when stretching to larger sizes. The sizes ranging from 1.2mm-16mm are solid steel plugs and the sizing from 17mm up has the plug hollowed out to remove some of the excess weight. The high-quality 316L stainless steel makes these easy to clean and a great material to consider when sizing up. If you have a nickel sensitivity, glass may be a better option for you.

Weight Comparisons:


 Size Glass Steel
1.2mm N/A 1.1g
1.6mm N/A 1.3g
2mm 0.5g 1.7g
2.5mm N/A 2.2g
3mm 0.8g 3.1g
4mm 1.4g 4.1g
5mm 2.1g 5.6g
6mm 2.8g 6g
7mm 3.5g 10g
8mm 4.9g 14g
9mm 6g 22g
10mm 8g 26g
11mm 10g 29g
12mm 12g 32g
13mm 13g 36g
14mm 14g 40g
15mm 18g 46g
16mm 22g 52g
17mm 25g 26g
18mm 27g 34g
19mm 30g 41g
20mm 34g 50g
21mm 36g 54g
22mm 40g 60g
23mm 46g 64g
24mm 50g 68g
25mm 55g 74g
26mm 62g 76g
27mm 67g 82g
28mm 70g 94g
29mm N/A 106g
30mm N/A 112g
31mm N/A 117g
32mm N/A 122g
33mm N/A 130g
34mm N/A 138g
35mm N/A 148g
36mm N/A 158g
37mm N/A 168g
38mm N/A 178g

What Customers Had to Say About Glass:

What Customers Had to Say About Steel:

Whether you choose to go with the glass or the steel stretching plugs, we don't think there's a wrong answer! There's incredible ease to stretching with either material and it truly just comes down to personal preference. The big win here is the 1mm incremental sizing! Give these a try and watch your stretching dreams come true. We're always glad to help if you have any questions. Happy stretching!

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