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Everything is growing, especially the demand for huge size tunnels & plugs!

Everything is growing, especially the demand for huge size tunnels & plugs!


As you have seen, Lots of bigger and bigger sizes out there. It was not too many years ago, I remember going into a home improvement store with my dad and noticed the male cashier had a couple of bandages covering his earlobes and as an inquisitive kid I had to ask... Even my dad as conservative as he is, was surprised to find that this huge corporation was still so uptight about a little individuality. He told me about the stories of his youth and his own explorations of freedom and expression in music, cars and fashion and over the years encouraged me in my own pursuits of individuality. Funny thing how history repeats itself sometimes. Even I was surprised the other day when having lunch with a friend at a large chain restaurant, our waitress had some really big ear tunnels, at least 2 inch's. We didn't get to talk with her too much that day as it was a busy lunch crowd, but she did smile and said "her hair was down the day she was hired". Sounded like corporate was still not quite ready for that look but that the franchise owner was just interested in good friendly staff and as long as she kept up the good work...

Anyway, it got us thinking. How does your work react to your tunnels, large plugs or piercings? Do you see things changing? 


  • Sabe

    My work does not care. I have 1" 7/16 gauges. Yes, I get bad looks from some older people and sometimes even younger. I have also had people very fascinated with them. My works not a big corporation though. But they look for hard workers and nice people for the work environment. Not just the way an individual looks.

  • David

    Well right now i’m at 1/2" and probably going to stay at that size. However, I do believe having extremely large plugs could be a problem in the workplace especially if they are tunnels. I’m a cook for a pretty large restaurant chain and I don’t really have a problem since I’m a pretty hard worker and working in the back of the house no one really gives two shits as long as you are not breaking health codes and even then… But at some point and I believe in the next 10-15 years the world will be a very colorful place if it keeps going in the same direction. More and more people are striving to be different and are saying hell no to being ‘normal’, and are trying to be dissimilar from the last person they saw. As long as people keep doing it the rest of the world will have no choice but to accept it and see the beauty in the diversity. But until that day I will have a pair of flesh colored plugs.

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