Turquoise # TB-019-7-P

$ 15.60

Purchase this exact set. No questions as to what the pair you select will look like, the photo provided is the exact set you will receive!  

Turquoise can range from green to blue and is veined with black or brown oxides.  It is a relatively soft and porous gemstone so it should be cleaned only with water and can scratch easily.  These plugs are stabilized turquoise, which means the natural turquoise stone has been treated through pressure impregnation with sodium silicate.  The "stabilization" ensures the color will not fade as untreated turquoise does.  It also hardens the turquoise to improve durability and resist scratches.  Stabilized turquoise is not fake turquoise!  It is a treatment on the stone that allows it to retain its natural beauty for years to come!

We have hand selected some of the most beautiful stones available and crafted them into beautiful plug sets for your enjoyment. Every set is unique, don't miss out on the chance to own one of these amazing plug sets before the one you like is snatched up! 


Length Measurements:  12.90mm and 13.00mm

Wearable Area Measurements:  18.94mm and 19.38mm