Steel Screw Back Stainless Steel Tunnels *Discontinued* - 35mm

$ 16.50 $ 5.00

Smooth, slick, and stunning, our Steel Screw Back Stainless Steel Tunnels are a classic piece for any collection!  

Stainless steel is a great material for both newly stretched ears and healed ears! With steel being so versatile in this way, it makes for an amazing choice to anyone looking to find a new piece.  

We offer a huge range of sizing options that make this piece great for stretching, no matter where you are on your ear stretching journey! With these tunnels having a back flare screw fit, the thread helps keep the tunnels nice and tight in your ear! 

These double flare stainless steel tunnels have a clean look, making them a great staple for your collection! Dressed up or dressed down, these Steel Screw Back Stainless Steel Tunnels go well with any style. Check out these steel tunnels today to see what this dazzling set looks like with your style! 

Need some guidance on stretching tips, methods, sizing, and cleaning? Check out our ear stretching guide. 


316L stainless surgical steel internally threaded eyelet. 

Quantity: sold as 1 pair (2 pieces) 

Style: round tunnel, 2 sides concave 

Flare: double flare, back flare screw fit 

Wearable Width: 7mm 

Size: size ordered is wearable area by mm measurement 



8g (3mm): .5 grams (<1 U.S. penny) 

6g (4mm): .7 grams (<1 U.S. penny) 

4g (5mm): .9 grams (<1 U.S. penny) 

2g (6mm): 1.3 grams (<1 U.S. penny) 

0g" (8mm): 2.0 grams (aprox. 1 U.S. penny) 

00g (10mm): 2.5 grams (aprox. 1 U.S. penny) 

1/2" (12mm): 2.5 grams (aprox.1 U.S. penny) 

9/16" (14mm): 3.3 grams (aprox. 1 U.S. pennies) 

5/8" (16mm): 4.1 grams (aprox. 2 U.S. pennies) 

11/16" (18mm): 4.7 grams (aprox. 2 U.S. pennies) 

13/16" (20mm): 5.2 grams (aprox. 2 U.S. pennies) 

7/8" (22mm): 6.0 grams (aprox. 2 U.S. pennies) 

1" (25mm): 6.6 grams (aprox. 3 U.S. pennies) 

1-1/8" (28mm): 6.6 grams (aprox. 3 U.S. pennies) 

1-1/4" (32mm): 8.0 grams (aprox. 3 U.S. pennies) 

1-3/8" (35mm): 8.2 grams (aprox. 3 U.S. pennies) 

1-1/2" (38mm): 8.2 grams (aprox. 3 U.S. pennies)