Skull Brass Tunnels

$ 17.00

These skull brass tunnels are a detailed and spooky set of tunnels to add to your collection. They are round cut tunnels with one side being flat. The skull adds a 3-dimensional aspect to the front side of the tunnel. The detail of the skull head placed in the cut-out tunnel is incredible. The skull is placed in a hollow tunnel that appears darker which makes the skull pop. The way the eyes are carved makes for a grimacing face of the skull. There is a high amount of detail throughout the skull, down through the meticulously carved teeth.

The brass these tunnels are made from has a beautiful golden appearance. Brass is a popular metal for decoration because it closely resembles the look of real gold. When comparing brass to other metals, such as copper, it is advantageous because it resists corrosion better, saving you from having to replace your jewelry as frequently.

The tunnels are available in six different gauge sizes! Grab these skull brass tunnels to get in the spirit for the upcoming Halloween season! Or wear them year-round as an edgy accessory.

Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces)

Material: brass

Style: round cut tunnel, 1 side flat, 1 side 3-D

Flare: double flare

Total Length: 13 - 15mm