Rose Quartz Single Flare # QR-016-3-S

$ 19.60

Purchase this exact set. No questions as to what the pair you select will look like, the photo provided is the exact set of Single Flare Plugs you will receive!  

Rose Quartz is a form of quartz with possible colors of white, pink, red, and clear stone with layered banding or a swirl/cloudy mixture.  The color variations come from trace amounts of titanium, iron, or manganese found within the crystal.  This is a completely natural stone, unaltered from its original form.

We have hand selected some of the most beautiful stone available and crafted into beautiful plug sets for your enjoyment. Every set is unique, don't miss out on the chance to own one of these amazing plug sets before the one you like is snatched up! 

Size: 5/8" (16mm)

Total Length Measurements: 17.23mm and 17.47mm

Measurements at the wearable area: 15.82mm and 15.77mm 

Your set of Single Flare plugs includes two O-rings. (one per plug)