Purple/Green Spiral Glass Plugs

$ 13.50

These glass plugs are made of clear glass with a purple/green spiral foil added to the end (back side of the plug, the outside will be black in color). From the side they look clear but straight on, the shape of the front magnifies the color at the end. 

*The color of the plugs will change when viewed at different angles.*

*Color and pattern may vary*

Quantity: Sold as 1 pair (2 pieces)

Style: Round plug, convex front

Flare: double flare

Flare Size: back flare approx 1.5, front flare approx 2.5mm

Total Length: 12.5-17.5mm depend on size

Wearable Length: 6-7.5mm depend on size

Size: may vary +/- 1mm