Pearl Light Blue Teardrop Thick Silicone Tunnels *Discontinued* - 30mm

$ 9.50 $ 7.60

  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces)Ā 
  • Style: Teardrop TunnelsĀ 
  • Material: SiliconeĀ 
  • Flare: Double FlareĀ 
  • Flare Size: 2mm-5mmĀ 
  • Available Sizes: 6mm-30mmĀ 
  • Size: Measured at the wearable area by mm sizeĀ 
  • Wearable Area: 6mmĀ 
  • Beautiful pearl light blue teardrop thick silicone tunnels for comfort and styleĀ 

TheseĀ pearl-colored light blue thick silicone tunnelsĀ areĀ flexibleĀ for comfort,Ā yetĀ strong enough to maintainĀ theirĀ size/shape.Ā The pearly, iridescent glow of the light blueĀ allows these to truly resemble the beauty of a natural teardrop or raindrop.Ā Ā Ā 

The crystal-likeĀ blueĀ is light and soft, but stillĀ pigmented enough to make a statement. The silicone allows for maximum comfort when wornĀ because of the malleable, comfortableĀ material they are made of.Ā 

Grab these silicone plugs in many of the numerous colors available.Ā Ā With the affordable price, you can never have enough of these solid-colored tunnels!Ā Get a pair in every color to match every style.Ā 

*Silicone products should be worn in fully healed piercings*Ā Ā Ā