Matte Black Silicone Plugs

$ 13.25

  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces)   
  • Style: Round plug  
  • Material: Silicone  
  • Flare: Double flare   
  • Available Sizes: 3mm-38mm   
  • Size: Measured at the wearable area by mm size  
  • Wearable Length: 8mm  
  • Total Length: 12mm  
  • Black silicone plugs with a matte appearance  
Need the perfect plug for everyday wear that is also extremely comfortable? Look no further! The matte black silicone plugs are here to save the day. Since they’re made from silicone, they are flexible and allow for easy insertion. The silicone is strong, so they will remain the true circular shape when in your ear.
Flaunt these on a daily basis because they are neutral and versatile! The matte finish also gives them a unique aspect that slightly differs them from a lot of the shiny silicone you see. These are double flare plugs, so nothing is needed to secure them in your ears. These silicone plugs come in sizes ranging from 3mm-38mm.   
Silicone should be worn in fully healed piercings. This material works best in established piercings that do not need much support. These round black silicone plugs have a double flare, total length of 12mm and wearable length of 8mm. Wear these on your next hiking adventure, a night on the couch or when dressing up for dinner. They’re comfortable enough to do it all! Expand your collection with the matte black silicone plugs!