Manic Panic Flashlightning Bleach Kit Volume 30 or 40

$ 12.95

Manic Panic Flashlightning Complete Bleach Kits were created not only to be the perfect complement to Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Colors, but also to give you a high quality hair lightening kit that will make you "Platinum Blonde like Blondie" and "as white as Andy".

Flashlightning is strong stuff, with 30 and 40 volume developer, guaranteeing dramatic results. To obtain the most intense colors from Manic Panic Semi-Permanent hair dyes, pre-lighten your hair with Flashlightning Complete Bleach Kits.

No need to buy any "extras". Complete means you get everything from developer with bleach powder to mixing tub to gloves to tint brush to cap. Along with all this comes step by step instructions, plus instructions on how to do a preliminary strand test, which is always an essential part of the process.

Blue Lightning Bleach Kit - This kit is the volume 30 bleach kit with mega blue toner powder. The blue toner powder helps to gently neutralize warm tones in the hair during the lightening process.

**International Customers: There will be additional shipping charges, these will be determined by the weight of the order.**