Keyhole White Brass Ear Weights Hangers

$ 40.00

These stunning keyhole white brass ear weights hangers are a must-have for your everyday life. The hanger itself is rounded, coming to two sharp points with a keyhole cutout. The hangers are simple yet unique and make for a great staple in your collection. 

The shiny white brass color allows for a glistening shine when you are wearing them around town. Because they are made of white brass, you will never see rust on these beautiful keyhole hangers. You can wear these while showering, swimming, or washing your face without worrying about having to take them out to avoid rusting. 

These hangers would be a great pair of hangers for you to wear in a professional setting because they are so simple yet elegant. The white brass is classy, and the simplicity of the shape makes these perfect for work or school. 

Keyhole ear weights 

Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces)

Material: white brass

Weight (per piece): 17.7g

Gauge: 4g (5mm)

*Must be able to stretch to 9mm to fit over the largest area

Length: 41.3mm

Width: 28.2mm

**Measurements are approximate. Individual pieces may vary slightly.**