Green Glass Cat Eye Single Flare Plugs *Discontinued*

$ 16.75 $ 8.00

  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces) 
  • Style: Single flare plug, one side convex 
  • Material: Synthetic cat eye, manufactured glass stone
  • Shape: Single flare
  • Flare Size: 2mm-3mm larger than size ordered 
  • Available Sizes: 4mm-16mm 
  • Length: 15mm-17mm 
  • Hand Made: SIZES ARE NOT EXACT; CAN BE +/- 1MM 

Feel like you’re looking into the striking green eyes of a regal cat? The dark green coloring of this silky glass is mesmerizing. Green cat eye is insanely smooth glass that has a white/green appearance from the chatoyancy effect. The smooth surface has a glassy appearance that is so polished it looks like you could see your reflection in them. The deep green coloring of these plugs gives them a serene feel reminding us of the beauty of a vast forest of greens. These take green plugs to the next level with their captivating essence.   

The green cat eye single flare plugs come in a pair of two round cut plugs with an o-ring included for each piece to keep them in place. They are available in sizes ranging from 4mm-16mm and have a wearable length of 6mm. The size you order will be the wearable area +/- 1mm, and the flares will be 2mm-3mm larger than the size ordered. The measurements listed are approximate so keep in mind that individual pieces may vary slightly.   

  • The pair you receive may not look exactly like the photo. Please see the additional photo that shows some variation ranges amongst the available sizes.