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Five Point Flower Brass Ear Weights Hangers

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These five point flower brass ear weights hangers are dainty and unique. The shape of the flower is slightly abstract to give them a little bit of an edgy look, compared to your basic flower petals. The cutout shape of the inside has the classic rounded flower petals, and the metal itself around that comes to a triangular point.

The polished gold color of the brass is guaranteed to glisten when these hangers meet light. The gold color also allows them to be worn with almost anything, making these a great pair of staple hangers.

Along with all our ear weights made of brass, they will not rust. This means you can wear them at all times. Even when in contact with water, the color will not fade, and your ears will avoid infection.   

Five point flower ear weights 

Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces)  

Material: brass  

Weight (per piece): 32g  

Gauge: 0g (8mm)  

Length: 56.0mm  

Width: 50.9mm