Dark Tamarind Wood Concave Single Flare Plugs

$ 22.00

Looking to add a more natural look to your collection? Our Dark Tamarind Wood Single Flare Plugs offer a simple, yet rustic and natural spin to your typical plugs! 

Tamarind wood is a beautiful, natural material. Wooden plugs are ideal for already healed ears, making these a fantastic choice for when you have acquired the size you want.  

When wearing natural materials like wood, it is important to take them out prior to showering or swimming, as water can warp the jewelry. A great way to keep your jewelry fresh and from cracking is by using one of our stretching balms or oils! Oiling your natural plugs is important for maintaining the look and condition of your plugs. Stretching balm and oils also make for easier insertion and comfort for everyday wear! 

Since these plugs are crafted from a natural material, the colors and patterns vary between each piece. These one of a kind, hand crafted plugs can add that touch of simplistic style you’re looking for! Try out our Dark Tamarind Wood Single Flare Plugs today! 

Need some guidance on stretching tips, methods, sizing, and cleaning? Check out our ear stretching guide 


Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces) 

Material: tamarind wood 

Scientific name: Tamarindus indica 

Style: round cut plug, 1 side concave, 1 side flat 

Flare: Single flare 

Flare Size: 3 - 4mm 

Total Length: 11 - 14mm depending on size selected 

Natural Material: SIZES ARE NOT EXACT; CAN BE +/- 1MM