Coconut Shell Teardrop Plugs

$ 30.00

Carved wood teardrop plugs

Quantity: Sold as 1 pair (2 pieces)

Material: coconut shell

Style: teardrop cut plug, 2 sides flat

Flare: Double flare (saddle)

Total Length: 9.5 - 11.5mm

Size: Size ordered is wearable area +/- 1mm, flares will be 1-2mm larger than size ordered

Natural Material: SIZES ARE NOT EXACT; CAN BE +/- 1MM


Teardrop Sizing Guide

6mm (2g): 20mm (C) & 6.4mm (D)
8mm (0g) : 26mm (C) & 8.3mm (D)
10mm (00g) : 33mm (C) & 10.5mm (D)
12mm (1/2") : 38mm (C) & 12.1mm (D)
14mm (9/16") : 46mm (C) & 14.6mm (D)
16mm (5/8") : 54mm (C) & 17.2mm (D)
18mm (11/16") : 59.5mm (C) & 18.9mm (D)
20mm (13/16") : 64mm (C) & 20.4mm (D)
22mm (7/8") : 72.5mm (C) & 23.1mm (D)
25mm (1") : 82mm (C) & 26.1mm (D)

** (C) - approximate circumference, individual pieces may vary**
** (D) - approximate diameter equivalent, individual pieces may vary**

*Natural materials will vary in color and pattern, the pair you receive may not look exactly like the photo. Please see the additional photo that shows some variation ranges amongst the available sizes.

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