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Carved Black Bone Pin Earrings Hangers

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  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces) 
  • Style: These earrings are suspended by a removable pin 
  • Material:  Water buffalo bone 
  • Size:  18g (1mm) 
  • Length:  28mm 
  • Width:  21.5mm 
  • Weight (per piece):  3.5g 
  • Measurements listed are approximate, individual pieces will vary 
  • Carved black bone earrings hangers that are suspended by a removable pin

The carved black bone pin earrings hangers are made completely out of water buffalo bone. Since the hangers are made from a natural, and therefore porous material, they should be oiled with vitamin E oil at least once a month to avoid cracking. This will help to keep your hangers and your ears happy and moisturized.

These hangers are neutral in coloring but have funky geometric carvings that are the focal point of each piece. The hanger itself is even shaped uniquely with a large u-shaped cutout in the middle of the rectangular earring. The carvings are very small and intricate. The patterns on the hanger vary from straight lines to swirls, to dots and abstract triangles. The combination of the different shapes and designs makes these hangers so satisfying to look at!

These hangers come in a pair of two that are suspended by a removable pin that is an 18g, or 1mm. Each piece only weighs 3.5g, so they should feel extremely lightweight and comfortable in your ears. You will not be weighed down by overly heavy hangers! Individual pieces may vary from the measurements listed above. Remember that organic materials such as water buffalo bone should only be worn in fully healed ears!