Black Obsidian (Volcanic Glass) Curved Teardrop Weight Hangers

$ 30.25

  • Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces)   
  • Style: Hanger  
  • Material: Natural obsidian, volcanic glass
  • Available Sizes: Small or large  
  • Length: 35.5mm or 54.5mm  
  • Hand Made: SIZES ARE NOT EXACT; CAN BE +/- 1MM   
  • Natural Material: COLORS AND PATTERNS MAY VARY   
  • More in-depth dimensions at the bottom 
These hangers have the coolest shape to make them a funky addition to your jewelry collection. They are curved teardrop shaped hangers with some weight to them. These are the perfect hangers to add to any outfit you want to elevate with an accessory!  
They are still simple because they are entirely black. Made from a beautiful stone called black obsidian. This stone forms when molten magma turns into rock. The stone is dark and smooth with a glass-like texture.  
The obsidian curved teardrop weight hangers come in two sizes, small and large. The small size has wearable area dimensions of 29mm circumference and 9.2mm diameter. The large size has wearable area dimensions of 41mm circumference and 13.1mm diameter. The small size weighs 6.2g and the large size weighs 23.2g. Since these are made from a natural stone, all measurements are approximate and may slightly vary. Add these fun black obsidian curved teardrop weight hangers to your collection today for a show stopping accessory!

Wearable Area Dimensions:
Small: (C): 29mm - (D): 9.2mm
Large: (C): 41mm - (D):13.1mm

**(C) - approximate circumference
**(D) - approximate diameter equivalent

Opening: 3mm

Small: 36.5mm
Large: 54.5mm


Small: 21.3mm

Large: 30.2mm

Weight (per piece):
Small: 6.2g (approx 2.5 U.S. pennies)
Large: 23.2g (approx 9 U.S. pennies)

All measurements are approximate and individual pieces will vary