Black Earskin Thin Silicone Tunnels

$ 8.50

These black earskin thin silicone tunnels are super soft and flexible for comfort. Due to the neutral color, these tunnels are fitting for any occasion. Dress them up or dress them down! You can wear these tunnels in a professional setting, to school, or just in your everyday activities.

The silicone allows for maximum comfort when worn because of the malleable material they are made of. This makes them great to wear when sleeping or when in contact with water. Consider these the perfect staple accessory that you never have to worry putting in and taking out!

Start your silicone collection with this basic black or add these to your collection of other colors. You can never have enough of these solid colored tunnels!

*Silicone products should be worn in fully healed piercings. They work best in established holes that do not need much support.*

Quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces)

Shape: Round

Flare: Double flare

Material: Silicone

Wearable Area: 6mm

Size: Measured at the wearable are by mm size